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This event has now passed.

This event was to celebrate YOUR successes as a PEO Broker!  Brokers had the opportunity to network and hear from some top-notch PEOs:   John Mackle from Worksite Employee Leasing, Phil Martina from Kymberly Group and Scott Hanson from Key HR.

This event was FREE to attend due to the generosity of our sponsor PEOs, Kymberly Group, Worksite and Key HR.  SS&L derived NO financial incentive from this event and was only providing the venue so we could come together to improve our industry.  All "profit" from the event was donated to our sponsor charity, RCS Pinellas.

This was a chance to be promoted on a competitor PEO Broker's website!  We looked forward to putting your name in lights!!!

Highland Manor

This event has now passed.

The Highland Manor is surrounded by ancient oaks and steeped in 110 years of history. Once a grand private home, the Apopka landmark has become one of Central Florida’s premier event venues!  

And now, tt was the site of the first ever PEO Broker of the Year award.  Brokers came to party with thier PEO brothers and sisters!

We heard from our top-notch PEO partners, enjoyed an incredible Italian dinner and drinks, as well as celebrated the success of all of the brokers who joined us.


This event has now passed.

Saturday, May 18th

Drinks and mingling will begin at 5 PM, Dinner and the program began at 6 PM and the evening concludes by 9 PM.  Networking opportunities were able to continue beyond that time off the premises.


Highland Manor:

604 E Main St
Apopka, Florida 32703 

Located only 25 minutes north of downtown Orlando, Highland Manor is easy to get to and is perfectly situated for a PEO Broker party!

Guest List:

David Siracusa

Fran Siracusa

Kara Siracusa

Pat Siracusa

Hannah Jenkins

Linda Jones

Dean Johnson

A rep from Mr Johnson's office

Mrs Johnson

Angel Aponte

John Will Tenney

Paul Hughes

Brett Masters

Jim Cote

Elliot Powell

Staphanie Fortune

Adam Corrin

John Geis

Brian Quick

Jen Quick

Denise Merritt

Hunter Dane

Lee Tuck

Harriet Tuck

Presenting PEOs-

Kymberly Group


Key HR

Eligibility, Rules & Applications and Sponsor Info

Please download an application below to apply or send an email directly to Lauren Misa at with the proper information. 

The Eligibility and Rules document is available for download or is written below directly on this page for your convenience. 

And sponsorship information is also available as a download or is listed below.

If you need to contact us, you can submit an email to us at the bottom of this page or you can reach out directly to David Siracusa at 813-267-4087.

Thanks for your interest in the first ever PEO Broker of the Year Award.


PEO BOTY Sponsor Levels (png)


PEO BOTY Application- 2 28 19 (pdf)


Eligibility and requirements- 2 28 19 (pdf)


Eligibility and requirements


In order to be able to participate in this friendly competition of PEO Brokers in 2018, which will be voted on in 2019, you must:

1. Have been in business for at least one (1) year as of January 1st, 2018

2. And, all applicants must be true “PEO Brokers”, deriving over 51% of their income from PEO’s.

SS&LCares Foundation reserves the right and authority to disqualify or decline participation from any PEO Brokers they choose without justification or cause.

Although verification of the above requirements may be requested, this is primarily based on the “honor code.” If any wrong doing is suspected, those PEO brokers will be spot checked for accuracy. This contest is meant to recognize each other in the industry and to give us all a goal for which we should strive. Please treat it with respect and honesty.

Rules for participation:

In order to enter the competition, you must:

1. Complete an application that can be found at

a. The application can be mailed if postmarked by March 31st to:

i. RCS Pinellas

503 S MLK Jr Ave

Clearwater, FL 33756

Attention: PEO BOTY Award

b. The application can also be emailed to:


Applications must be received, or postmarked, by March 31st.


Winners will be chosen from three (3) different categories:

1. Most Payroll Closed

2. Mom & Pop (No more than 2 sales reps)

3. New Kids on the Block (For businesses who began after 1/1/15 but before 12/31/17)


All winners will be chosen by an independent panel created by RCS Pinellas and will not have any PEO brokers associated with it. 


Sponsorship information is available for any PEOs who would like to speak to a room full of the state’s best PEO brokers. 100% of money raised from the sponsorships after expenses will be donated to RCS Pinellas for their assistance with judging and for the work that they do to fight hunger, homelessness, and domestic violence in Pinellas County.

Important disclaimers

All applications and financial information should ONLY be sent to RCS Pinellas, NOT to Siracusa Staffing & Leasing. All applications will be held for at least 90 days after conclusion of the contest and any participants are welcome to request access to see those applications by email. No supporting financial documents will be shared with SS&L or other participants. If a challenge is raised to the validity of any PEO Brokers stats that have been submitted, RCS Pinellas reserves the right to request additional information for verification.  They can ask for outside assistance in verifying a broker's numbers (but not of any of the other competing brokers or SS&L), or can outright disqualify without justification the contestant, if they feel that sufficient doubt has been raised to the veracity of the financials.


Thanks to our awesome sponsors!


Certified Closers: Kymberly Group

Being an employer is challenging, choosing the right PEO doesn’t have to be. 

Kymberly Group provides quality outsourcing solutions including payroll administration, workers compensation, human resources, safety management and other essential functions you would otherwise have to deal with. We have multiple A rated carriers which allows us to have a large appetite for a variety of class codes including harder to place and smaller businesses. Our vision is to give you the peace of mind that you need so you can focus on the more revenue generating aspects of your business. 

Learn more about this amazing PEO and supporter at

Certified Closers: Worksite PEO

Do What You Do, We’ll Do The Rest!  

Payroll, Benefits, HR Support and Workers Comp, all in one easy package.  Worksite makes life easier for business owners by handling all employee-related headaches, using a simple and transparent system.  

Brokers! Come work with the best and most broker-friendly PEO in Florida, with quick turnarounds, high commissions, and phenomenal customer service so you can spend all your time prospecting and less time unraveling PEO issues.  

Learn more about this amazing PEO and supporter at


Professionals: Key Hr


We are the Key to your success!   Key HR is aligned with preferred provider companies to offer new and innovative ways to meet our clients’ payroll, employee leasing, benefits and insurance needs. Our relationship with these companies helps business owners reduce costs, save time, optimize their workforce, increase revenue and minimize risk. 

Our services include Payroll, Human Resources, Workers' Compensation, Employee Benefits and more!

Learn more about this amazing PEO and supporter at

In-Kind Sponsor and Judges: RCS Pinellas

The people of Pinellas County are wonderful.  But every now and then, even the best people need some extra help.  Who do they turn to when they do?  For more than 50 years, that has been RCS Pinellas.

RCS Pinellas helps our neighbors facing hunger, homelessness, domestic violence or a lack of basic needs.  RCS Pinellas is a friendly face when it is needed most.  They are a hand up to those who truly need it the most!

Learn more about this amazing organization and supporter at www.rcspinellas.orgIn-Kind Sponsor and Judges: RCS Pinellas


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